branch illustration
branch illustration

About us

We’re a small business with a plant problem passion.

A journal with a plant pattern
A succlent plant

We’re just as obsessed with plants as you are

If your window sills are full, your wardrobe is all florals, you call your own self a plant lady, and people generally look disoriented when they walk into your jungalow, we’re kindred spirits.

We sell plants.

We sell plant-themed stuff.

We gawk over plants in our monthly email.

Step and repeat.

We have a history with roots

Just like your oldest botanical bud, we’ve got a story with character and a few twists and turns.

We sprouted in 2018.

The shop grew from a true love of leaves.

We’re small right now, but we hope to propagate.

“We” is actually a me, but “we” sounds more fun.

We do have values beyond plant-relatedness

We ensure that our products meet these standards because we believe in them.






We’re always happy to find a fellow fern fanatic out there.

Pressed leaves and flowers


Phone: 111.333.4444

Mail: PO Box 12345 | Athens, OH 45701